Plenary Session of the Congress
30 May to 1st June 2007 - Strasbourg, France

Exhibitions and events during the session

From 30 to 1st June 2007, the following exhibitions and events will take place at the Council of Europe

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Montfalcone: transborder project ''From Cherso to Carso''
The municipality of Montfalcone (Italy), member of the Association of Local Democracy Agencies, presents an exhibition in the framework of the launching of the transborder project ''From Cherso to Carso for an area of co-operation between Friuli Venezia Giulia, Slovenia and Croatia''. A wine and food presentation was held on 30 May, and other events were organised at the Italian Institute of Culture.

Place : Lobby of the hemicycle

Ukrainian exhibition
An Ukrainian exhibition on the 10th anniversary of the ratification of the European Charter on Local Self Government by Ukraine
Place : Lobby of the hemicycle

Exhibition of the City of Moscow
The permanent representation of the Russian Federation organises an exhibition on the City of Moscow during the Congress Session
Place : lobby of the hemicycle

Launching of ''MORE'' database on transfrontier cooperation
The user based online database –MORE: Matching opportunities for Regions in Europe- is being presented during the Congress session. It allows local and regional authorities and their associations as well as training institutions on transfrontier cooperation to look for partners according different criteria
Place : lobby of the hemicycle

Exhibition on 100th anniversary of scoutism
Place : lobby of the l'hemicycle

Exhibition of drawings by pupils from  the school of Bischheim organised by Bischheim municipality and the French Permanent Representation
Place : hall of the Palais

Concert by the Azeri violonist, Elvin Hoxha organised by the Permanent representation of Azerbaijan
Place : lobby of the Comittee of Ministers

Exhibition presenting the Gifu Region (Japan), organised by the Consulate of Japan

Exhibition of the Council of European Municipalities and Regions (CEMR)

Stand on the campaign  "Stop Domestic Violence against women"

Information stand on the association on Local Democracy Agencies