13th Congress Plenary session from 30 May to 1st June

News published during the 13th Session of the Congress

[01/06/2006] Svetlana Orlova emphasises prospects for co-operation
[01/06/2006] ''Local authorities could protect vulnerable people'', says Human Rights Commissioner
[01/06/2006] Governance of metropolitan areas
[01/06/2006] Is the reform of local taxation in the Netherlands in violation of the Charter of Local Self-Government?
[01/06/2006] The Adriatic Euroregion will be a ''new-generation Euroregion''
[01/06/2006] Urban security in Europe
[01/06/2006] Solange Charest:''In Quebec, urban security is dealt with at local level''
[31/05/2006] The fight against trafficking is a key Council of Europe priority, says Terry Davis
[31/05/2006] Mayor of Stuttgart: 10-point-programme for integration policy in cities
[31/05/2006] Local elected representatives sign Declaration to fight human trafficking
[31/05/2006] Terry Davis asks for support of local communities in the fight against intolerance
[31/05/2006] Jean-Claude van Cauwenberghe: ''Democracy underpinned by local and regional institutions is stronger''
[31/05/2006] Chambers debate regionalisation and local democracy in Cyprus, Liechtenstein
[30/05/2006] I will continue to build on successes of my predecessor, says Halvdan Skard
[30/05/2006] Valentina Matvienko : St Petersburg will become one of European capitals again
[31/05/2006] Jan Olbrycht on transfrontier cooperation : ''The Council of Europe delivers the philosophy, the European Commission the financial input''
[31/05/2006] With the Congress support, we bridged the gap in reinforcing local democracy, says Vitalie Vrabie
[30/05/2006] Ian Micallef and Yavuz Mildon elected Presidents of the Chambers of the Congress of the Council of Europe
[30/05/2006] Verification of the credentials of the new Congress
[31/05/2006] The Congress invites the Serbian and Montenegrin authorities to open a constructive dialogue
[29/05/2006] Giovanni Di Stasi : ''The role of territorial democracy is on the rise''
[29/05/2006] Halvdan Skard elected President of the Council of Europe Congress
[29/05/2006] Congress calls for full backing to proposed interregional centre
[29/05/2006] Landscape : a new dimension of territorial public action
[29/05/2006] ''We can no longer accept divided or ghost towns'', says Congress President
[29/05/2006] Settling minority conflicts: the role of local authorities
[29/05/2006] Information Day: ''Georgia: two years after the Rose Revolution''
[29/05/2006] Launch of the ALDA project ''Cities for Peace and Democracy in Europe''