Conference on
"What future for human rights and democracy in Europe?
The role of the Council of Europe"

Paris, 11 September 2009
Assemblée Nationale, Salle Lamartine

Sixty years after its creation, in a completely changed political and economic environment, the Council of Europe faces new major challenges for the defence of human rights and the democratic ideal in Europe.

The economic crisis and the fallout from various conflicts constitute a serious threat for human rights and the rule of law in Europe: what role can the Council of Europe play to best reassert them and what new insights can be draw on to help in this respect?

The European identity is becoming increasingly diversified: how can we reconcile cultural diversity with the respect for the right of each individual to democratic citizenship for greater social cohesion?

Can a "Europe of values" serve as a model for other continents? What is the value added of the Council of Europe to the European and universal Communities?

These are some of the questions participants will consider in order to contribute to the debate the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe will hold at its autumn session on the future of the Council of Europe.