Current members of the Administrative Tribunal

The Committee of Ministers, at its 1219th and 1223th meetings, appointed the judges of the Administrative Tribunal of the Council of Europe. Previously, the European Court of Human Rights had appointed the Chair and the Deputy Chair.

For the term as from 1st April 2015, the Administrative Tribunal of the Council of Europe is composed as follows:

Chair Mr Christos ROZAKIS (Greece)
image tribunal
Council of Europe/Candice Imbert
Deputy Chair Mr Giorgio MALINVERNI (Switzerland)
Judges Ms Mireille HEERS (France)
  Mr ÷mer Faruk Ateş (Turkey)
Deputy Judges Mr Rocco Antonio CANGELOSI (Italy)
Ms Lenia SAMUEL (Cyprus)
Registrar Mr Sergio SANSOTTA (Italy)
Deputy Registrar Mrs Eva HUBALKOVA (Czech Republic)

The term of office of the Administrative Tribunal will expire on 31 March 2018.