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European Day of Justice (on 25th October) in Lithuania
On the European Day of Justice Judges invited others to the Mind-Fight

The European Day of Justice (on 25th October) in Lithuania is celebrated not the first year. Already four years the National Courts Administration consecutively has been organising this day. The doors of courts are open to the society members on the European Day of Justice together with courts of other states. Students, school children and all persons interested in the law listen to the lectures of judges, observe the court hearings, and participate in the excursions of the court premises from Vilnius to Lisbon.
Students, school children and others interested in the law on 25th October listened to the lectures of judges, observed the court hearings and had excursions at the court. They had an exceptional possibility to visit the court, meet judges personally and have a face-to-face conversation. During the events of open doors in courts visitors could get acquainted with the development of Lithuanian courts, current judicial system and its activities, requirements applied for the future judges, the appointment procedure to the judicial office.

This year Lithuania introduced the new form of communication with society. As usually people see judges in the court rooms during the hearings or in the TV screens, therefore judges decided to come to the library of the National Open Access Scholarly Communication and Information Centre (SCIC) of Vilnius University, in which the young future generation of Lithuania spend their days and nights and together with their colleagues lawyers and brothers of the quill test themselves in a different role – Mind fight.
On the occasion of the European Day of Justice a unique mind-fight competition in which judges contested with nine teams consisting of lawyers, media representatives, students of law and journalism on the national level in five stages of the competition was organised: main stage – law theme, others – Lithuania, common knowledge, images and music.
“For lawyers, judges and others associating their lives with law every day is like a mind-fight. The judge solves the case in one way, the lawyer adjudicates it in the other way whereas the journalist sees it even from the third angle” stated D. Labokaitė, the member of the Judicial Council, wishing a successful fight for the participants of the event. The judicial literature was awarded by the member of the Judicial Council on behalf of Lithuanian courts to the library of Vilnius University so that the young generation of Lithuania could draw its knowledge. The member of the Lithuanian Bar Association, Džiolana Tarvainytė also joined the activity and presented books on behalf of the Lithuanian advocacy, which joined the mentioning of this special day this year.
The Vice minister of Justice, Paulius Griciūnas, greeting the judges and participants of the event pointed his attention to the fact that it shows the openness of courts, which is the common ambition in the whole Europe.
„Mind fight is very symbolic. In the fight there is some kind of contest anyway. Competitive principle is perhaps one of the most important principles in the civil process and I assume it must always be present. Regardless of the type of contest, it always deepens our knowledge and allows to see various matters from diverse angle“ said prof. dr. Tomas Davulis, the dean of the Law Faculty of Vilnius University greeting the participants in the National Open Access Scholarly Communication and Information Centre (SCIC).
Apart from the national event additional mind fight competitions were also organised in five regional courts.