Improving the protection of European Human Rights standards by the Constitutional Court of Kosovo


01 January 2014 – 31 December 2016

Overall objective: To improve the capacity of the Constitutional Court of Kosovo in ensuring the protection of individual human rights and fundamental freedoms in Kosovo* through the effective application of European human rights norms to individual complaints.

Expected results: By strengthening the capacities of the legal advisers to interpret the and apply the provisions of the ECHR and the jurisprudence of the European Court of Human Rights, it is expected that the decisions, resolutions and judgments of the judges of the Constitutional Court will improve in quality and consistency in a sustainable manner that will surpass the term limits of individual judges. With this, and given the role of the Court, it is expected that European human rights norms will be more effectively and sustainably improved within the domestic legal order .

The project seeks to increase the capacity of legal advisers of the Constitutional Court to consistently and correctly interpret human rights and fundamental freedoms and to apply the legal reasoning of the European Court of Human Rights to individual complaints alleging violations of human rights by public authorities in Kosovo*. The project aims to achieve its objective by facilitating a professional placement of the legal advisors, two at a time, within the Registry of the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg for a period of five months at a time.

The following reports have been prepared by legal advisers of the Consitutional Court:

Reporting period: 2014 March-August by Rrahmon Salihu and Srdjan Staletovic

Reporting period: 2014 August-December by Boban Petkovic and Sevdail Kastrati 

Reporting period: 2015 January-June by Bardh Bokshi and Amantina Tolaj

Reporting period: 2015 August-December by Venera Kabashi and Vesa Caka

Reporting period: 2016 January-June by Nexhat Kelmendi

Reporting period: 2016 August-December by Veton Dula and Anita Tigani-Krasniqi