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Visit to Andorra

Andorra: sustain progress on children and women’s rights and bolster human rights structures

12/05/2016 Andorra La Vella

“Andorra has a very advanced system of inclusive education, whereby all children, including those with disabilities and from migrant families, learn together with other children and are supported as necessary. However, further efforts are required to enhance the overall protection of children’s...

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Country visit

Andorra: “Remaining gaps in human rights protection should be filled”

17/02/2012 Andorra La Vella

"The Andorran authorities intend to respect their obligations to ensure human rights protection in the country. However, further efforts are needed, for example to prevent domestic violence, protect against discrimination, and promote national independent monitoring of human rights standards",...

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Country visit report

Follow-up report on visit to the Principality of Andorra

19/06/2003 Strasbourg

Follow-up report to the recommendations of the Commissioner for Human Rights following his visit to the Principality of Andorra CommDH(2003)7 / 19 June 2003

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Country visit report

Report on visit to Andorra

21/03/2001 Strasbourg

Report by Mr Alvaro Gil-Robles, Commissioner for Human Rights, on his visit to Andorra from 10 to 12 January 2001 CommDH(2001)1 / 21 March 2001

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