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Internet - rights and protection

Internet - rights and protection

How many passwords do you need to remember? Or even worse, you have only one for all your accounts on various Internet sites. You provide lots of information about your private life but who owns your data? Is your online privacy really protected?

The Council of Europe is working to provide a unique environment to protect your human rights on the Internet, addressing the challenges that human rights might face on the web to ensure maximum freedom and maximum safety. Do you want to know more about your rights, responsibilities and how to be protected? The answers are only a click away.

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Council of Europe videos on Internet - rights and protection

Max Schrems
0'53"Watch now
Seven generations of human rights protection
21 October 2019
Council of Europe Vienna
Artificial Intelligence could threaten your human rights!
0'30"Watch now
Rules to protect our rights should accompany technical developments
18 April 2018
Council of Europe Strasbourg
Protect your privacy and rights online!
25 January 2019
Council of Europe Strasbourg
Free expression on the Internet
4'09"Watch now
Should there be any limits?
15 June 2017
Council of Europe Strasbourg
Protecting Democracy in the Digital Age
4'10"Watch now
Interview with Ambassador Wolfgang Ischinger
03 April 2017
Council of Europe Strasbourg
The Party
0'50"Watch now
Help stamp out online hate speech against women
17 January 2015
Council of Europe Strasbourg
Data Protection: Convention 108
3’20”Watch now
Protecting your personal data from cybercriminals and snoopers
8 March 2016
Council of Europe Strasbourg
Fighting cybercrime: GLACY project
9’51”Watch now
Council of Europe and EU unite for Global Action on Cybercrime
16 June 2015
Council of Europe Strasbourg
Human Rights on the Internet
37”Watch now
Council of Europe Guide to human rights in cyberspace
8 March 2016
Council of Europe Strasbourg
Fighting cybercrime: the Budapest Convention
50”Watch now
Coordinating international action against cybercrime
8 March 2016
Council of Europe Strasbourg
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Guest videos on Internet - rights and protection

Asset Publisher
No to online hate speech against women!
0'30"Watch now
Join the Council of Europe's No Hate Speech Movement
5 May 2011
Universidade Lusófona Lisbon
Hate speech on the Internet
26”Watch now
Council of Europe campaign against cyber-bullying and cyber-hate
2 November 2015
Universidade Lusófona Lisbon
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