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The French Ombudsman submits a communication on the implementation of the DALO law (enforceable right to housing)

Tchokontio Happi v. France
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The Défenseur des droits of the French Republic has submitted a communication to the Committee of Ministers in the case of Tchokontio Happi.

This case concerns the non-execution of a final judgment of 2010 ordering the applicant’s priority and urgent rehousing under the DALO law. In April 2015, the Court ruled that by abstaining, for several years, from taking measures to comply with a final and enforceable judicial decision, the authorities have deprived the provisions of Article 6 § 1 of any useful effect.

The authorities' response of 11 July 2019 was published in conjunction with the communication of the Défenseur des droits.

  • DH-DD(2019)803 Communication from an INDH and response from the authorities (in French)


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