Оговорки и заявления по Договору №:210 - Конвенция Совета Европы по предотвращению и борьбе с насилием в отношении женщин и насилием в семье

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Reservation contained in the instrument of acceptance deposited on 17 April 2015 – Or. Engl.

Pursuant to Article 78, paragraph 2, of the Convention, the Government of the Republic of Finland declares that Finland reserves the right not to apply Article 55, paragraph 1, to petty assault when the offence is committed against a person other than the person referred to in Chapter 21, Section 16, subsection 1, of the Criminal Code of Finland.

[Note by the Secretariat: Finland has informed the Secretary General of its intention to uphold wholly its reservation for a period of five years (Article 79 of the Convention):
- by a Note verbale from the Permanent Representation of Finland, dated 29 April 2020, transmitted and registered at the Secretariat General on 29 April 2020 – Or. Engl. (Period of validity: from 1 August 2020 to 1 August 2025).]
Период результата: 01/08/2015 -
Cтатьях, посвященных : 78, 55

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