Оговорки и заявления по Договору №:157 - Рамочная конвенция о защите национальных меньшинств

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Communication contained in a Note Verbale from the Permanent Representation of Spain to the Council of Europe, dated 14 November 2016, registered at the Secretariat General on 15 November 2016 - Or. Engl.

The Government of Spain has the honour to communicate that, following the previous information provided by Spain as contained in the letter of 26 June 2003 addressed to the President of the Advisory Committee of the Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities, copy of which was transmitted by the Permanent Representative of Spain to the Secretary General of the Council of Europe on the same date, Spain reiterates that, in line with its constitutional provisions, it has consistently interpreted the Framework Convention in the sense that no national minority exists in its territory. The Framework Convention applies to the Spanish citizens of the “comunidad gitana” (roma, gipsies) although these citizens do not constitute a national minority.
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