Thematic debates

The Brussels Declaration of 27 March 2015, endorsed at the Ministerial Session on 19 May 2015, encouraged the Committee of Ministers to:

g) consider thematic discussions on major issues relating to the execution of a number of judgments, so as to foster an exchange of good practices between States Parties facing similar difficulties.

More information: Thematic debates (GR-H(2017)8-final)

Roundtable on effective national co-ordination for the execution of ECHR judgments

8 March 2022 Strasbourg

On 7 March a roundtable on Effective national co-ordination: a key factor in reinforcing the domestic capacity for rapid execution of ECHR judgments took place under the aegis of the Irish Vice Presidency of the Committee of Ministers. The roundtable aimed to foster an open and constructive,...

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The obligation to investigate deaths and ill-treatment by law enforcement officials

Thematic debate on effective investigations

12/03/2019 Strasbourg

In the Brussels Declaration, the Committee of Ministers was encouraged to hold, in connection with its supervision of the execution of judgments of the European Court of Human Rights, thematic debates to further foster the exchange of good practices among states facing similar difficulties in...

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Thematic debate on conditions of detention

13/03/2018 Strasbourg

Following a series of preparatory discussions, the CM decided at its 1301st meeting (29 November 2017), in the context of its follow-up to the Brussels Declaration, to hold a thematic debate on “conditions of detention” on 13 March 2018, juxtaposed to its March Human Rights meeting. As apparent...

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