Case of Independent News and Media PLC and Independent Newspapers (Ireland) Limited v. Ireland [16/06/2005]

In this case, the Court has notified a judgement and held that there had been no violation of Article 10 (freedom of expression). On 13 December 1992, Independent Newspapers (a wholly owned subsidiary of Independent News and Media plc) published an article found defamatory in its newspaper Sunday Independent. Both applicant companies complained that the award was disproportionately high and that there are no adequate and effective safeguards in Ireland against such awards.  (More...)

Affaire Independent News and Media PLC et Independent Newspapers (Ireland) Limited c. Irlande [16/06/2005]

Dans cette affaire, la Cour vient de communiquer son arrêt et a conclu à la non-violation de l’article 10 (liberté d’expression). Le 13 décembre 1992, Independent Newspapers (filiale de Independent News and Media plc) publia un article jugé diffamatoire dans son journal Sunday Independent. Les deux sociétés requérantes se plaignaient du caractère disproportionné des dommages et intérêts alloués et de l’absence de garanties adéquates et effectives contre de telles condamnations en Irlande.  (More...)