Hearings in May [22/04/2005]

The Court held the following hearings in May 2005: Siliadin v. France (Tuesday 3 May, 2.30 pm), Leyla Sahin v. Turkey (Wednesday 18 May, 9 am), and Zarb Adami v. Malta (Tuesday 24 May, 9.30 am).  (More...)

Audiences au mois de mai [22/04/2005]

La Cour a tenu en mai 2005 les audiences suivantes: Siliadin c. France (mardi 3 mai, 14h30), Leyla Sahin c. Turquie (mercredi 18 mai, 9h) et Zarb Adami c. Malte (mardi 24 mai, 9h30).  (More...)