Congress observed parliamentary elections in Gagauzia (Moldova) [03/11/2003]

Voting was conducted smoothly at the elections to the People's Assembly of the Autonomous Region of Gagauzia held on 16 November 2003, although falling short of international standards in some regards, concluded the observation mission of the Council of Europe's Congress of Local and Regional Authorities. Among the Congress’ major concerns were persistent problems with the secrecy of the vote, the presence of police inside or clost to many polling stations, and widespread family voting.  (More...)

 File ''Elections and democracy''  

Le Congrès a observé les élections législatives en Gagaouzie (Moldova) [03/11/2003]

A l'invitation du Chef de la délégation moldave au CPLRE, le Congrès a observé les élections législatives dans la région autonome de Gagaouzie, le 16 novembre. Les observateurs étaient sur place du 14 au 17 novembre.  (More...)

 Dossier ''Elections et démocratie''