After receiving the Conclusions of the European Committee of Social Rights, the Committee of Ministers adopts a Resolution by a majority of two-thirds of those voting. The resolution closes each supervision cycle and may contain individual recommendations to the States parties concerned.

When the European Committee of Social Rights concludes that a situation is not in conformity, the State Party concerned has to bring the situation into conformity. If the State takes no action, the Committee of Ministers may address a Recommendation to that State, asking it to change the situation in law and/or in practice. In view of the importance of this decision, a two-thirds majority of those voting is required here.

In the case of both resolutions and recommendations, only States parties to the Charter may take part in the vote.

In the framework of the Reporting system, the Committee of Ministers’ work is prepared by the Governmental Committee of the European Social Charter and European Code of Social Security, comprising representatives of the governments of the States Parties to the Charter.

Texts adopted by the Committee of Ministers in the framework of the Reporting system are available on line on the Committee of Ministers’ website. It is also possible to retrieve these texts by performing a search on HUDOC Charter data base system.

Indietro 329th session of the European Committee of Social Rights

329th session of the European Committee of Social Rights

The European Committee of Social Rights will hold its 329th session from 12 to 16 September 2022 in hybrid mode.

The Committee will continue the examination of the national reports* for Conclusions XXII-3 (2022) of the 1961 Charter and for Conclusions 2022 of the revised Charter with respect to the provisions belonging to thematic group 3 on labour rights. Several pending collective complaints will also be examined over the week.

The Committee will also take stock of the situation related to the procedure provided for by Article 22 of the European Social Charter on “non-accepted provisions”. The countries concerned by exercise 2022 are Albania, Finland, North Macedonia and Türkiye. They were invited to submit a written report.

In addition, the Committee will continue to examine national reports on the follow-up given by States to ECSR decisions in the framework of the collective complaints procedure. The States Parties concerned in 2022 are Croatia, the Czech Republic, Cyprus, the Netherlands, Norway, Slovenia and Sweden.

* All the national reports submitted by States Parties to both 1961 Charter and the Revised Charter can be found on the country profiles web pages.

Strasbourg, France 12-16/09/2022
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