Dettagli del Trattato n°074

Convenzione europea sull’immunità degli Stati
Titolo Convenzione europea sull’immunità degli Stati
Riferimento STE n°074
Apertura del trattato Basilea, 16/05/1972  - Trattato aperto alla firma degli Stati membri e all’adesione degli Stati non membri
Entrata in vigore 11/06/1976  - 3 Ratifiche.

The Convention aims to establish common rules relating to the scope of the immunity of one Party from the jurisdiction of the courts of another Party.

It specifies the cases in which a Party may not claim immunity before foreign courts. This applies when the Party in question accepts the jurisdiction of the court and in proceedings relating to work contracts, participation in a company or association, industrial, commercial or financial activities; rights over immovable property in the State where the court is situated; redress for injury to persons or damage to property.

The Convention specifies the rules concerning the proceedings against a Party in a court of another Party and the effects of judgments that Parties agreed to give them.

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