Riserve e dichiarazioni per trattato n°024 - Convenzione europea di estradizione

Natura della dichiarazione : Riserve
Situazione in data del 18/03/2018


Reservation contained in the instrument of ratification, deposited on 10 September 1997 - Or. Rom./Fr. - and withdrawn by a Note Verbale from the Permanent Representation of Romania, dated 5 October 2006, registered at the Secretariat General on 6 October 2006 - Or. Engl.

Concerning Article 2, paragraph 1: Romania will request and grant extradition:

- for the prosecution of judgment solely of acts the performance of which results, under the laws of the requesting Party and of the requested Party, in a deprivation of liberty exceeding two years or in a more severe penalty;

- for the enforcement of a sentence only if the deprivation of liberty exceeds one year or is more severe.
Periodo di efficacia: 09/12/1997 - 06/10/2006
Articoli in questione : 2

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