Riserve e dichiarazioni per trattato n°024 - Convenzione europea di estradizione

Natura della dichiarazione : Obiezioni
Situazione in data del 18/03/2018


Declaration contained in a letter from the Permanent Representative dated 21 August 1991, registered at the Secretariat General on 22 August 1991 - Or. Fr.

With reference to the reservation made by Portugal concerning Article 1 (c) of the European Convention on extradition, I have the honour to inform you that my Government supports the declaration sent to you on this question by the German Government on 4 February 1991, and the declaration sent to you on 4 June 1991 by the Austrian Government in support of the German position.

In fact, the reservation in question is compatible with the object and purpose of the Convention only if refusal to grant extradition for offences punishable by a life-long prison sentence or detention order is not absolute. My Governement also takes the reservation to mean that extradition will be refused only when there is no possibility under the law of the requesting state for the person sentenced to life imprisonment, having completed a certain part of his sentence or period of detention, to obtain a judicial review of his case with a view to having the remainder of the sentence commuted to probation.
Periodo di efficacia: 22/08/1991 -
Articoli in questione : 1

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