Riserve e dichiarazioni per trattato n°005 - Convenzione per la salvaguardia dei Diritti dell'Uomo e delle Libertà fondamentali

Natura della dichiarazione : Dichiarazioni, Denunce, Deroghe
Situazione in data del 13/10/2019

Repubblica di Moldavia

Declaration contained in the instrument of ratification, deposited on 12 September 1997 - Or. Mol./Fr.

The Republic of Moldova declares that it will be unable to guarantee compliance with the provisions of the Convention in respect of omissions and acts committed by the organs of the self-proclaimed Trans-Dniester republic within the territory actually controlled by such organs, until the conflict in the region is finally settled.
Periodo di efficacia: 12/09/1997 -
Articoli in questione : -

Declaration contained in the instrument of ratification of the Convention deposited on 12 September 1997 - Or. Engl.

In accordance with Articles 25 and 46 of the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms [see Article 34 of the Convention since the entry into force of Protocol No. 11], the Republic of Moldova recognises the right of individual petition to the European Commission of Human Rights and the jurisdiction of the European Court of Human Rights ipso facto and without special agreement, on condition of reciprocity on the part of the High Contracting Parties in all matters concerning the interpretation and application of the Convention as well as Protocols Nos. 4 and 7 in respect of cases in which the rights secured by these instruments are violated after their entry into force in respect of the Republic of Moldova.
Periodo di efficacia: 12/09/1997 - 31/10/1998
Articoli in questione : Ex-25, Ex-46

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