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Children’s Rights

Children’s Rights

Sexual violation against a child is an attempt to destroy a human being’s future. This is not how we will build a better world together.

The Council of Europe Convention on sexual exploitation requires criminalisation of all kinds of sexual offences against children. It asks states in Europe and beyond to adopt specific legislation to prevent sexual violence and to protect child victims and to prosecute perpetrators.

Do you want to know more about how we help children? The answer is just a click away.


Council of Europe videos on children’s rights

Empowering children to claim their rights
4'48"Watch now
Interview with Regina Jensdottir
13 November 2019
Council of Europe Strasbourg
Tackling violence against children
3'33"Watch now
Interview with Najat Maalla M’jid
13 November 2019
Council of Europe Strasbourg
Start to Talk
1'43"Watch now
Child sex abuse happens in sport too
5 September 2019
Council of Europe Strasbourg
Raise your hand against smacking!
1'00"Watch now
Your hands should nurture, not punish
15 July 2019
Council of Europe Strasbourg
Building a better world for children
21 January 2019
Council of Europe Strasbourg
Child friendly justice
3'45"Watch now
Children are not mini-people with mini-rights!
19 September 2011
Council of Europe Strasbourg
How two parents stopped corporal punishment in UK schools
19"00Watch now
Landmark human rights case saved millions of children from being “belted” by teachers
15 June 2015
Council of Europe Strasbourg
Healing the scars of war through education
8'30"Watch now
Council of Europe Balkan experiment shows how reconciliation can be achieved
18 July 2014
Council of Europe Strasbourg
Child sex abuse victim speaks out
9'18"Watch now
Matthew McVarish is walking 10,000 miles to raise awareness of the problem
7 January 2015
Council of Europe Strasbourg
Child sex abuse in the family
2'05''Watch now
Encouraging children to « break the silence »
1 August 2014
Council of Europe Strasbourg
Beat Bullying
10'27''Watch now
Realistic solutions for teachers and pupils
30 January 2014
Council of Europe Strasbourg
Sexual abuse of children
12'30''Watch now
Best practices to help children recognise and report sex abuse
20 November 2012
Council of Europe Strasbourg
Combatting sexual abuse of children through education
2'31''Watch now
“Tell someone you can trust”
16 November 2015
Council of Europe Strasbourg


Guest videos on children’s rights


Tartalom megjelenítő
Overcoming bullying : Dejana’s story
1'32"Watch now
Part of the global FACES project to stop bullying
12 July 2019
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