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The Youth Department of the Council of Europe within the framework of the Roma Youth Action Plan at the beginning of June has launched a research project on the issue of Roma youth participation.

The project intends to support Roma youth participation at different levels, by gathering qualitative data about approaches and practices of Roma youth participation and supporting pilot initiatives where Roma youth participation is key to long-term change.

The project is developed to support and further develop strategies and programmes for Roma youth participation, especially at the local and regional levels. The starting point is the recognition of existing forms and examples, hence challenging stereotypical views about Roma youth and citizenship matters and also encouraging public authorities to take seriously Roma youth participation, at local, regional or national levels.

During July an identification phase of the process is taking place where initiatives and activities are being assessed. After the selection of the most representative practices qualitative analyses will continue.

The outcome of this project is envisaged to be an advocacy tool for promoting and supporting Roma youth participation.

Presentation of the project

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