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On 29 and 30 May 2015 a meeting of 20 Roma young people from Ukraine was organised by the International Charitable Organization “Roma women fund “Chiricli” and the League of interns of the Parliament of Ukraine with the aim to gather Roma young people in order to develop their competence to participate and interact with a variety of organisations and institutions on Roma youth issues.

The meeting was organised in co-operation with the Council of Europe, as part of the Roma Youth Action Plan and the ROMED programme. Both programmes aim to support the participation of Roma young people in all matters that concern them. The meeting was organised also in co-operation with national level partners from Ukraine, the League of Interns of the Parliament of Ukraine, the Committee of the Youth and Family policy of the Parliament of Ukraine, the State Institute of the Youth and Family policy in Ukraine.

Most of the Roma youth in Ukraine is not integrated into the mainstream education or other public services. In the same time in Ukraine, Roma youth is not sufficiently participating in associations or NGOs: despite the presence of a growing number of young Roma people willing to promote initiatives for their community, there is a general lack of skills, knowledge, necessary information and support.

The aim of the meeting was to develop participants’ competences in enhancing Roma youth and participation in Ukraine and to stimulate co-operation between different actors in the youth field in Ukraine for youth policy development and implementation.

Meeting presentation

Meeting report

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