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A regular exchange of views among the Ad Hoc Committee of Expert on Roma Issues (CAHROM), Advisory Council on Youth, and their respective secretariats has been established and maintained on issues related to Roma, young Roma people and the Roma Youth Action Plan. The Committee has taken youth matters as transversal matter into their work programme and they would be continuously looking at issues of young Roma people within the committee’s activities and discussions.

During the eight meeting held in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina the committee appointed Mr. Branko Sočanac (Croatia) as a Roma youth rapporteur.

The committee will organise a thematic group on Empowerment of Roma youth and youth dimension of Roma policies in June, 2015 that will be hosted by Slovenia and participated by Croatia, Luxemburg, Belgium and Slovak Republic representatives.

The secretariat of the Youth Department had an exchange of views with the Committee during their 7th and 8th working sessions.

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