Institute for Political Science, the Center for Urban, Regional Innovation and Internet (URII at University of Münster) in collaboration with Centre for Adult Education (Volkshochschule/VHS), Münster

7 November 2018: 14:00 (VHS)

This satellite event of the World Forum in Münster focuses on electronic democracy, gender equality and participation in the digital society. Academic experts and practitioners will discuss challenges, best practices and participatory instruments.

Is the digital divide related to gender? Is digitisation reinforcing gender inequality? What kind of digital innovations mitigate gender inequality? Are participatory instruments focusing on gender inequality? Which instruments and methods are needed to avoid hate speech in the internet? How can women develop competencies regarding social media, data security, big data, online participation, etc.? How can more women accede to position of influence in the field of digitisation such as CEO, MPs? Which policy approaches and strategies should be promoted?

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