Retour Akhemta municipality applies CivicLab methodology to produce a policy document through public consultations

Akhemta municipality applies CivicLab methodology to produce a policy document through public consultations

Following the successful application of the CivicLab methodology to produce policy documents in Ozurgeti and Telavi, Akhmeta holds public consultations for the development of a Medium-Term Development Policy Document (MDD) for the municipality. The consultation process was initiated and organised by Akhmeta city hall, and was facilitated by experts of the CivicLab methodology of the Council of Europe.

"CivicLab" is a digital public consultation tool that brings together representatives from various sectors to discuss the topic of the consultation and produce proposals through participatory process.

The consultations gathered 30 representatives of public, private, and civil sectors around the discussion tables. After introducing CivicLab methodology to the participants, the experts facilitated a process of analysing existing problems and determining solutions, based on which they identified challenges, priorities and recommendations for the municipality for the development of the MDD document.

The participants addressed local problems in Akhmeta and formulated solutions within three thematic areas: local economic development, infrastructure and youth development. Via digital component of “CivicLab” methodology, the results of three working groups were immediately displayed on a common screen for a visual manifestation. The outcomes of the public consultations will be reflected in the Akhmeta Municipality Medium-Term Development Policy Document (MDD).

The event took place in the framework of the project “Strengthening Participatory Democracy and Human Rights at Local Level in Georgia”, implemented by the Directorate General of Democracy and Human Dignity, Division of Elections and Participatory Democracy and Congress of Local and Regional Authorities within the Council of Europe Action Plan for Georgia 2020-2023 with the financial contribution of the Austrian Development Cooperation.

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