Retour Congress adopted a report on border regions facing the migrations

Congress adopted a report on border regions facing the migrations

On 6 November 2018, the Regional Chamber of the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities adopted a resolution and recommendation on border regions facing migration phenomena prepared by Rapporteur Eirini DOUROU (Governor of Attica, Greece). Representatives of the Association of European Border Regions-AEBR, the Committee on Legal Affairs of the European Parliament and of United Cities and Local Governments-UCLG were among the speakers. The report builds on previous Congress texts on the reception of refugees and integration of migrants to examine the potential benefits of cross-border co-operation among regions situated on the periphery of Europe or at the borders of countries within Europe. It argues for an “integrated approach”, involving different levels of government, NGOs and partners in countries of origin and transit. The Congress calls on member States to highlight the need for European solidarity regarding the reception of migrants, bring regulatory clarity to the legal framework, and to provide adequate financial coverage to local and regional authorities to carry out their responsibilities.”

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