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            Statut concernant la Convention de Budapest
Dernière mise à jour : 14/05/2020

Statut concernant la Convention de Budapest

Statut : Partie Signé : 23/11/2001 Ratifié / adhéré : 12/05/2003 Déclarations et réserves : declarations regarding Articles 24, 27 and 35; no reservations. Voir le profil légal

Politiques / stratégies en matière de cybercriminalité

The Cybersecurity strategy 2019-2022 builds on the two previous strategy periods (2008-2013 and 2014 – 2017), Estonia being one of the first states that recognised the interdisciplinary nature of cybersecurity and the having thus developed one of the first horizontal cybersecurity strategies in the world. The current strategy focuses on 4 strategic objectives:

Obj. 1 A sustainable digital society.

Obj. 2 Cybersecurity industry, research and development

Obj. 3 A leading international contributor

Obj. 4 A cyber-literate society

(Source: Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications Cyber security portal)


Policies and strategies of Estonia can be further found here:

Estonian Guidelines for Development of Criminal Policy until 2018 (in Estonian)

Jurisprudence / droit jurisprudent

Tools on Cybercrime & Electronic Evidence Empowering You!

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