Call for participants: Diaspora youth for inclusive decision making and global citizenship

7th edition of the Mediterranean University on Youth and Global Citizenship
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Call for participants: Diaspora youth for inclusive decision making and global citizenship

The North-South Centre of the Council of Europe is promoting a capacity-building activity for young leaders in organisations working with youth diaspora communities in Europe.

The training course will promote global citizenship and strengthen the active citizenship’s skills of youth diaspora, promoting their recognition as relevant actors for building peaceful and inclusive societies in a context of increasing migration flows.

The course will enable young leaders with a diaspora background or working with diaspora and migrant communities to participate more effectively in decision making processes aiming at social cohesion in Europe, with especial attention to the integration of young migrants and refugees.

The North-South Centre work on youth diaspora

The North-South Centre has been working on and with youth diaspora for more than 10 years through capacity building, policy development and funding initiatives with the vision of building more inclusive societies. By bridging different countries, cultures and identities, youth diaspora play a fundamental role in fostering intercultural dialogue, in supporting interregional cooperation and promoting social cohesion.

Exploring this phenomenon and learning form their experiences is an effort that could substantially contribute to enhance integration policies in Europe and to further develop global education. For these reasons, youth diaspora represent a valuable resource to tackle the actual challenges of the Council of Europe member states such as migration, social inclusion and active participation of young people in vulnerable situations.

The training course: When and How?

The course will take place from the 9 to the 16 June 2019 in the framework of the 7th Mediterranean University on Youth and Global Citizenship, Hammamet (Tunisia). It targets 20 young citizens of Council of Europe member states who are actively involved in organisations working with or for migrant and youth diaspora communities. The participation in the course is free of charge and all costs related to travel, board and lodging are covered by the organisers.

The training course is part of “iLegend”, a project co-funded by the Council of Europe and the European Union which aims at strengthening global development education in EU Member States and potential Member States.

Call for participants (including the link to application form)

Deadline for applications 12 May 2019

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