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View the National Action Plan on Business and Human Rights


Main Coordinating Authority

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Drafting Process

The action plan was developed by Government Ministries in consultation with various stakeholders. A draft was also published for public comment. The draft was the subject of four public consultation meetings in 2015, in which more than 100 different companies, government agencies, trade unions, NGOs and other stakeholders took part.


The NAP follows the Three Pillar structure of the UNGP's, providing an overview of the domestic context relevant to each Pillar.

It then sets out a number of specific measures taken and planned measures in two annexes. These actions are grouped into the following categories:

  • Regulations and legislation.
  • The State as an actor.
  • The State as an owner.
  • The State as a development partner.
  • Action by government agencies.
  • How can the State support the business sector.
  • Corporate action.

Review and Monitoring

In 2018, follow-up on the action plan was performed. Commissioned by the Government, The Agency for Public Management evaluated compliance with the action plan. In the resulting document "Platform for international sustainable business" (2019), the Government provides an overall account of the work it is conducting in the area, and what the ambitions are. Furthermore, the platform describes implemented and planned measures aimed at enhancing international sustainable business. The Government has also taken account of several of the recommendations of the Swedish Agency for Public Management. The recommendations are listed in the references provided in Chapter 7 of the document "Platform for international sustainable business".