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Better Work Programme

In the framework of economic development cooperation and in collaboration with the International Labor Organization (ILO), a number of member States' Ministries and development agencies work to promote the implementation of the fundamental ILO Conventions. It is within this framework that, jointly with the ILO and the International Finance Corporation (IFC), the "Better work" programme has been developed; aimed at ensuring that companies respect labor rights in developing countries.
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The Better Work program helps textile and apparel export enterprises to respect and implement core labor standards in several countries including Bangladesh, Cambodia, Ethiopia, Haiti, Indonesia, Jordan, Nicaragua and Vietnam.

Better Work is a global action programme with activities at the factory, sectoral, national and global level.

  • At the factory level, Better Work assesses compliance with national and international labour standards. In addition, the program provides consulting and training services to managers and workers to assist in continuous improvement.
  • At the sector level, Better Work works with global retailers, brands and manufacturers to improve business and purchasing practices that promote working conditions in their supply chains.
  • At the national level, Better Work strengthens public institutions and influences policies that create an enabling environment for decent work and better business competitiveness.
  • And at the global level, Better Work uses its evidence-based database and success stories to influence regional and global policy dialogue on decent work and the SDGs.

The program aims to promote the establishment of sustainable value chains that respect human rights in the textile sector.

Phase III funding of the project is aimed at reaching more people and helping garment producing countries to strengthen policies to ensure decent work and competitiveness, and to achieve positive results on a much broader scale.

Danida (Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark), the Dutch Ministry of Foregin Affairs, the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (GiZ), the Swiss Confederation, and UKaid (United Kingdom) are development partners and donors to the programme.

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