Projets spécifiques en République slovaque

The Centre of Expertise for Good Governance of the Council of Europe is supporting Slovakia in its plans to reform the local government system though the implementation of two projects, co-funded by the Council of Europe and DG REFORM of the European Commission. The projects aim to provide recommendations for improving the Slovak regulatory framework and to strengthen capacities of public authorities to deliver high-quality services to the citizens, according to Council of Europe standards.

  • The first project, “Delivering Good Governance in Slovakia” focuses on the provision of tailored policy advice on territorial consolidation and redistribution of competences between the central and local levels. In addition, several capacity-building tools are being implemented to both help the authorities analyse their specific needs and improve their performance according to democratic governance standards.
  • The project Delivering Good Governance in Slovakia – II phase” will build upon the achievement of the previous project to help the Slovak authorities modernise and improve multi-level governance in the country. The project will provide policy advice on the revision and development of new legislation on the status of the Capital City, metropolitan areas, as well as on regional development. The project’s capacity-building component will aim at improving public ethics, financial management, strategic planning, and other important aspects of local governance.
Lancement d'ELoGE en Slovaquie
12 October 2021 Košice, Bratislava, Turin, Strasbourg, online

Strengthening metropolitan governance in Košice

7 October 2021 Bratislava, Turin, Strasbourg, online

New Legislation for Bratislava