Projets spécifiques en Bulgarie

New project: Developing fiscal decentralisation and improving local financial management in Bulgaria

 What is the goal?

The project aims to support increasing financial autonomy of Bulgarian municipalities in line with good European practice and standards by assisting the Bulgarian authorities to:

  • Improve the legal, financial, and strategic framework for fiscal decentralisation and increase the level of own revenues of municipalities;
  • Develop the competences of local officials to apply relevant benchmarks and measure performance.


 Who benefits from the project? 

  • Public authorities such as the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works; Ministry of Finance;
  • Bulgarian municipalities, their staff and institutional structures;
  • Partners and other stakeholders: Council for Decentralisation of State Governance of the Council of Ministers; National Platform of Partners for Good Democratic Governance at Local Level;
  • Relevant organisations or institutions in Bulgaria that have particular expertise and experience in the topics of the project and access to a relevant network of national experts;
  • Bulgarian citizens and society at large.


 How will the project work?

  • Through regular exchanges and close coordination with the project beneficiaries and key stakeholders to identify practical challenges and develop tailor-made solutions;
  • Intergovernmental cooperation through peer reviews; international support in developing legislative and policy advice; public consultations, workshops and capacity-building activities;
  • By developing tailored training curricula designed to respond to the needs of local authorities and contribute to developing effective, accountable and transparent institutions at local level.


 Budget and duration

  • The project is co-funded by DG REFORM and the Council of Europe and implemented by the Council of Europe Centre of Expertise for Good Governance
  • The total budget of the project is 611 112 EUR
  • The project will run from 15 June 2022 to 30 June 2024

Activités principales :

  • Programme de pratiques d’excellence (BPP)
  • Label européen d’excellence en matière de gouvernance (ELOGE)