The Project “Safeguarding Freedom of Expression and Freedom of Media in Ukraine” (SFEM-UA) is the first phase of the four-year Action implemented in the framework of the Council of Europe Action Plan for Ukraine “Resilience, Recovery and Reconstruction” for the period of 2023-2026 (hereinafter “the Action Plan”) that aims to address the urgent needs of major stakeholders and media players in the country amid the ongoing Russian aggression against Ukraine.

In the process of preparing the Action Plan and developing the Project, the Council of Europe carried out a thorough analysis of the national context and organised consultation with major stakeholders and partners in the fields of media, freedom of expression and freedom of access to information to assess their needs and priorities for the next few years. Particular attention was given to the conflict-related threats and challenges faced by the media community in Ukraine and other actors, ensuring timely support throughout the war and in the post-conflict environment.

The Project’s activities are structured around three components focusing on:

Component 1: Alignment of Ukraine’s framework on media, freedom of expression and freedom of access to information with the European standards.

Component 2: Effective implementation of the legal framework governing the protection of journalists, public broadcasting and regulatory authority in line with European standards.

Component 3: Effective and efficient communication strategies governing a balanced media coverage and preventing information disorder.

The Project has the following target beneficiary institutions: Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine, National Council of Ukraine on Television and Radio Broadcasting, National Public Broadcasting Company of Ukraine (Suspilne), Ombudsperson’s Office, Parliamentary Committee on Humanitarian and Information Policy, Office of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine, journalists and media organisations, civic society organisations, academia, others.

« Toute personne a droit à la liberté d’expression »

Art. 10 de la Convention européenne des droits de l’homme

Project team

Leila Zhdanova
Programme Manager/Advisor

Olena Demchenko
Senior Project Officer

Khrystyna Zaplatsinska
Project Assistant

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