Détails du traité n°052

Convention européenne pour la répression des infractions routières
Titre Convention européenne pour la répression des infractions routières
Référence STE n°052
Ouverture du traité Strasbourg, 30/11/1964  - Traité ouvert à la signature des Etats membres et à l'adhésion des Etats non membres
Entrée en vigueur 18/07/1972  - 3 Ratifications.

The Convention aims to address the increase in road traffic between Parties and the dangers consequent upon the violation of rules designed to protect road users. It sets out a framework of mutual co-operation for more effective punishment of road traffic offences in the territories of the Parties.

The Convention derogates from the principle of territoriality by empowering a Party in whose territory a road traffic offence has been committed to choose between instituting proceedings itself or requesting the State of residence of the offender to prosecute the offence.

A list of offences to which the Convention applies appears in Annex 1, named the "Common Schedule of Road Traffic Offences".

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