Call for Experts to join our work on Green Public Administration and Multilevel Governance

Do you have expertise in policies and standards to support the greening of public administration? Knowledge of how to promote good democratic governance through sustainable development, green procurement, climate change policy and the ecological transition, in particular at local level? Understanding of how public administration can support the deployment of European climate-related policies ? Are you experienced in developing approaches and tools to build the capacity of local government stakeholders in these and/or related areas?


Do you have expert knowledge of multilevel governance and delivery of coordinated policy approached? Are you experienced in producing high-quality research and advice on the functioning of central State institutions and the interaction them and local and regional administrations? Are you knowledgeable in one or more policy areas such as decentralisation, vertical and horizontal coordination, financial equalisation, and the management of public emergencies?


This call for tenders is an opportunity to help advance the principles and practice of good democratic governance as part of our work on Green Public Administration, and/or Multilevel Governance.

In line with recognition in the Reykjavik Summit Declaration of the right to a clean, healthy and sustainable environment, and the commitment to securing and strengthening democracy and good governance at all levels, the Democratic Governance division of the Council of Europe is seeking to expand its tools, practice, and knowledge in these fields for the benefit of European citizens.

This call for tenders will establish two pools of experts to support the intergovernmental work of the European Committee on Democracy and Governance (CDDG) and the cooperation activities implemented by Centre of Expertise for Good Governance (CEGG), to promote good democratic governance in green public administration and multilevel governance.  Interested individuals and entities are invited to submit their tenders by 31 July 2023.

The framework contracts under this call are expected to be established for the period of September 2023 – December 2024. The call is structured based on two lots:

  • Lot 1: Green Public Administration; and,
  • Lot 2: Multilevel Governance.

For all information on this call and details on the procedure please refer to the following documents:

Tenders must be sent to the Council of Europe electronically. Electronic copies shall be sent only to [email protected] with Tender – Green Public Administration – Multilevel Governance in the subject field by 31 July 2023. Tenders submitted to another e-mail account will be excluded from the procedure.

Documents submitted after the deadline and/or filled inappropriately will not be considered.

Questions regarding the application shall be sent at the latest seven days before the deadline for submissions of tenders, in English, and shall be exclusively sent to the following address: [email protected] with Questions - Green Public Administration – Multilevel Governance in the subject field by 31 July 2023

Before sending your tender, check that it includes:

  • A completed and signed copy of the Act of Engagement
  • Registration documents, for legal persons only;
  • Motivation letter (max 2 pages)
  • CV(s) of the lead expert(s) (max 3 pages per CV)
  • List of relevant, recent assignments (max 3)
  • Sample(s) of a recent report/text produced by the tenderer