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GENVAL evaluation reports on cybercrime

The seventh round of GENVAL mutual evaluations has been dedicated to the practical implementation and operation of the European polices on preventing and combating cybercrime.

This monitoring mechanism follows the adoption of Joint Action 97/827/JHA of 5 December 1997 to evaluate the application and implementation at national level of international undertakings in the fight against organised crime among EU member countries.

The seventh round started in 2014 and ended in 2016. The final draft of the  mutual evaluations  with the conclusions and recommendations contained in the country specific reports is now available.

The country specific evaluation reports finalised have been made public and could serve other countries to review their legislation and strategy on cybercrime:

 - Austria  - Belgium  - Bulgaria   - Croatia
 -  Cyprus  - Czech Republic  - Denmark - Estonia
 - Finland - France

 - Germany

 - Greece
 - Hungary  - Ireland  - Italy  - Latvia
 - Lithuania  - Luxembourg  - Malta - Netherlands
 - Poland  - Portugal - Romania - Slovakia
 - Slovenia   - Spain  - Sweden - United Kingdom
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