What is the Project?

The project objective is to strengthen the response to violence against children, including online child sexual exploitation and abuse in Ukraine.

The Project "Combating violence against children in Ukraine, Phase III" focuses on supporting authorities, specialists and civil society to protect and promote children’s rights in the digital environment and will also address the protection of children against violence, including child sexual abuse and exploitation, as well as prevention of peer-to peer violence.

The project is a direct follow-up of the previous Council of Europe projects "Combating violence against women and children" (2017-2018), and "Combating violence against children in Ukraine, Phase II" (2020-2021).

The project is implemented within the framework of Council of Europe Action Plan for Ukraine (2018-2022) by the Council of Europe Children's Rights Division and in close cooperation with the Council of Europe Office in Kyiv during 2022-2023.

To learn more about the project objectives, results, activities, partners and target groups, please consult the project webpage.