The Council of Europe's commitment to fostering greater youth participation can be demonstrated through its system of co-management.

This involves representatives from youth non-governmental organisations (NGOs) sitting down in committees with government officials who together then work out the priorities for the youth sector and make recommendations for future budgets and programmes.

These proposals are then adopted by the Committee of Ministers, the Council of Europe's decision-making body.

 The Joint Council on Youth brings the European Steering Committee for Youth (CDEJ) and the Advisory Council on Youth together in a co-decision body which establishes the youth sector’s priorities, objectives and budgets.

This is the supreme decision and policy-making body for the Council of Europe’s governmental and non-governmental partners in the Youth Department.
It is composed of all members of the CDEJ and all members of the Advisory Council.

The task of the Joint Council, in a spirit of co-management, is to develop a common position on:

  • the youth sector’s overall priorities, annual/pluriannual objectives, main budget envelopes and necessary budget specifications, within the political and budgetary framework established by the Committee of Ministers;
  • a mandate for the work of the Programming Committee.