Workshops on successful practices are happening on Wednesday morning (25 September). Within these workshops the participants can explore some successful practices from across Europe, analyse these practices and learn from them. Here is a list of the proposed workshops:


Roma Youth Advocacy

Carmen TANASIE (ERGO- European Roma Grassroots Organisations Network) will present a case example of Youth seminar during the EU Roma Week, and how it aims to contribute to participatory policy making and implementation within youth and Roma inclusion policies and frameworks.

Roma Genocide Remembrance

Mustafa JAKUPOV (ternYpe International Roma Youth Network) will present Dikh He Na Bister - Roma Genocide Remembrance Initiative - which gathers 200-1000 Roma youth leaders every year in Krakow and Auschwitz-Birkenau. The initiative links participation to both human rights education and to the recognition of Roma identity.

Human Rights Education and combating antigypsyism

Georgina LABODA (Phiren Amenca International Network) will present best case practises at a national level on how the role of non-formal and human rights education can be used to promote dialogue, engagement and challenge stereotypes and racism.

Youth Empowerment and Participation

Music SINISA-SENAD (Roma Education Fund and Roma Youth Organization, ROM) will present national level activities implemented in Croatia within the framework of the Roma Youth Action Plan.

Multiple discrimination and intersectionality

Vera KURTIC will present Young Roma LGBT activism, including lessons learnt and the main challenges in engaging in combating multiple forms of discrimination. The session will also feature discussions with Anca SANDESCU from the Gender Equality Division of the Council of Europe.

Roma youth participation in policy making

Michal ŠLACHTA from the Government office for Roma issues in Slovakia will share an example from the Slovak presidency of the European Union in 2016. The presidency organised a High Level Conference "Empowerment of Roma Youth as a Driving Force behind Change".