Conference on the specific situation of Roma young people affected by multiple discrimination

Within the framework of the Roma Youth Action Plan, the Youth Department of the Council of Europe organised on 24 – 26 June 2014, in Strasbourg, the conference ‘United for Dignity’ on the specific situation of Roma young people affected by multiple discrimination. Roma activists, LGBT and women’s organisations and members of a Roma rap band were among the 50 participants at the conference, which aimed to tackle the multiple discrimination faced by Roma young people across Europe.

The conference was intended as a forum to raise awareness of and to explore and formulate responses to situations of multiple discrimination affecting young Roma. The focus of the event was to make links with Roma and non-Roma organisations and institutions to tackle multiple discrimination. The conference explored on issues of multiple discrimination of young Roma people from the perspectives of gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability, etc.

The conference was the continuation of the work of the Youth Department on researching and understanding issues related to multiple discrimination of young Roma people. During the conference, the results of a research project on life stories of young Roma people facing discrimination were presented.

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