Within the framework of the Roma Youth Action Plan, the Youth Department is running in 2012 and 2013 a training course for Roma youth leaders, activists and multipliers, with a focus on developing their capacity to to take action against discrimination.

The course gives participants the opportunity to experience and reflect upon activities and concepts central to human rights and anti-discrimination youth work based on experiential learning approaches. The programme is designed as a mutual learning situation, where participants can share their realities, experiences and approaches across Europe in a dialogical intercultural approach and environment.

Objectives of the course:

  • To strengthen participants’ understanding of key concepts of human rights, discrimination and antigypsyism;
  • To gather information about the realities of young Roma in Europe and the challenges they face, and to exchange practices and responses to discrimination developed by different social actors;
  • To improve participants’ competences in using rights-based approaches to tackle situations of discrimination, exclusion and antigypsyism;
  • To empower participants to take action and develop projects by and with young Roma for human rights in their local communities;
  • To familiarise participants with the approaches and activities of the Council of Europe in the area of human rights, human rights education, active youth participation and intercultural dialogue;
  • To support the capacity of Roma youth organisations and movements across Europe to network for human rights and to be associated with the Roma Youth Action Plan.

The training course involves 31 participants from 18 countries. A team of 4 trainers, supported by an educational advisor of the Council of Europe, is responsible for the implementation of the course. The participants come mostly from local organisations, based in the Roma communities.


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