Roma youth participation and building a stronger Roma youth movement

The specific objective is to facilitate and enable Roma youth alliances within and outside Roma communities, through existing and new structures, to mobilize Roma youth, make their voice heard and stake their position in their communities and in European society at large.

The expected outcomes relevant to this objective are:
  • Roma young people participate as equals in society and in the development, monitoring and evaluation of all programmes related to them;
  • cooperation and networking with non Roma youth structures, organisations, institutions and population in general is stronger;
  • mechanisms are developed and capacity of local Roma youth structures is strengthened in order to ensure their sustainability and promote cooperation and networking;
  • positive role models at the local level are promoted in order to change existing stereotypes about Roma people in society, thus the Roma youth movement promotes the Roma identity;
  • cooperation with existing youth structures is ensured and new structures are created, whenever needed, so young Roma can be and have the space to be active citizens, especially at the grassroots level.
  • Roma youth policy making includes young Roma people at all levels of the policy development and implementation processes, particularly taking into account “double mainstreaming” approach of the Roma Youth Action Plan
  • youth issues are mainstreamed into Roma policies and Roma youth issues are mainstreamed into youth policies;
  • participation of young Roma and Roma youth organisations as equal partners at the decision-making table is ensured;
  • capacity building with regard to policy making and knowledge of youth policies that respond to the needs of Roma youth and Roma youth organisations is ensured.