RYAP Publications RYAP Publications
  • Roma Youth Participation in Action

    Study on Roma youth participation: good practices, from the local to the European level

  • Mirrors – Manual on combating antigypsyism through human rights education
    The Mirrors manual is designed to empower young people to tackle individual and institutional racism against Roma, the manual provides educators, teachers, trainers and youth organisations with comprehensive educational activities for groups of all types; those with or without Roma participants, as well as mixed groups.
  • Barabaripen - Young Roma speak about discrimination
    An awareness-raising and educational tool on the topic of multiple discrimination. It includes life stories of nine young Roma affected by multiple discrimination across Europe; analysis of the mechanism of discrimination and strategies of young people use in oder to tack it; educational activities with young people using the life stored and background material.
  • Right to Remember - A Handbook for Education with Young People on the Roma Genocide -The publication is a self-contained educational resource for all those wishing to promote deeper awareness of the Roma Genocide and combat discrimination. Right to Remember includes educational activities, as well as ideas for commemoration events, and information about the Genocide and its relevance to the situation of the Roma people today. The second edition of the publication published in 2017 incorporates changes mainly into the introductory part of the handbook.
RYAP documents RYAP documents
Roma Youth Conference 2015 Documentation Roma Youth Conference 2015 Documentation
Roma Youth Conference 2011 Documentation Roma Youth Conference 2011 Documentation
Activity reports Activity reports
  • FERYP Study Session Report: Roma Women = Empowered Women
    Study session report organised by the Forum of European Roma Young People - FERYP
  • Rapport de la Première rencontre Jeunesse Rom et Gens du Voyage de France
    Report of the first meeting of Roma young people from France.
  • Tomorrow will be a better day… Participation of Roma young people in the neighbourhood and youth policy in Flanders 2014 - Research report
    A report outlining the results of an exploratory research where information was collected and a limited analysis is presented of the existing participation opportunities for Roma children and young people in neighborhood and policy in Flanders.
  • United for Dignity Conference report
    The report summarises the conference’s input, discussions and conclusions and is intended as a tool to explore multiple discrimination affecting Roma young people and the steps that need to be taken at different levels (local, national, international, institutional and in the civic society) to tackle it effectively. The United for Dignity conference was organised during 24 – 26 June at the European Youth Center Strasbourg.
  • Roma Youth, Building Bridges! study session report 2015
    Report of the study session organised by the Forum of European Roma Young People and United Societies of Balkans
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