The Council of Europe’s Youth Department in co-operation with Bodossaki Foundation and NGO Antirropon from Greece organised two training courses from 16-19 November 2016 in Athens, Greece. The activities were based on the Mirrors manual on combating antigypsyism though human rights education.

The training activities have brought together 41 participants with the aim to develop their competences for raising awareness and organising educational activities against antigypsyism with and for young people using Mirrors and other human rights educational resources.

The national training course brought together 23 participants interested in Roma youth work or closely working with the local Roma community from various regions and localities of Greece. The event also served as a basis to promote the upcoming translation of Mirrors in Greek language. The training course was organised to complement the work supported by the Roma Youth Action Plan since 2014 and the ROMED project of the Council of Europe.

The regional training seminar brought together 18 participants from Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey, Albania, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro and Greece to raise their competences in addressing discrimination and antigypsyism through human rights education.

Participants in both trainings were able to develop project ideas for follow-up activities that are based on Mirrors and other human rights educational resources.

Regional training course report

Regional training course report - coming soon