The Youth Peace Ambassadors project ran from 2011 until 2014, involving 76 young people from 25 countries of which 66 completed the project. The YPA project was a success in reaching its aim to support the creation of an YPA network of specifically trained young people that promote the values of the Council of Europe in conflict-affected areas and communities. The participants went through an intensive personal growing process and a significant number of 32 projects have been implemented in the local communities and more are being developed.

The YPA Project Report can be downloaded here

The YPA project was evaluated by two consultants, their evaluation report you can find here.

Among others it was found that the Youth Peace Ambassadors project achieved:

  • To train 66 youth from 25 countries between 17 and 26 years, developing their competences in human rights promotion and protection, conflict transformation, peace-building, and intercultural dialogue. The Young Ambassadors for Peace are motivation to learn about conflict affected countries, open-minded towards intercultural and minority issues and have project management, training, and some advocacy skills.
  • That 32 project initiatives were implemented by participants, addressing human rights issues, intercultural dialogue, working towards Peace-building. 20% of the projects involved youth from minority communities. Check here to read more about them.
  • YPA participants were trainers and organisers in the Regional Youth Peace Camps in Albania and Kosovo. Participants from the Caucasus and Balkans were junior trainers in two YPC’s at the European Youth Centres.
  • The Youth Peace Ambassadors Network has been establilshed

The YPA Network has succesfully organised

  • a regional and a thematic seminar,
  • the Regional Youth Peace Camp in Kosovo,
  • A Study Session at the European Youth Centre Budapest in 2013
  • A training course in Ukraine in 2014
  • An action Day for 21 September the international Day for Peace in support of the No Hate Speech Movement.
  • Organised short campaigns to protest the ban of Twitter in Turkey in 2013, the use of teenagers in the frontline of violent demonstrations in Northern Ireland, sent letters to Ukraine Embassies calling for a peaceful resolve of the demonstrations at Maiden square in Kiev, Ukraine.

The YPA network also:

  • Has 900 followers on their Facebook page
  • Applied for funding for various projects for 2015
  • Will hold thier second Study Session in 2015

The YPA project enjoyed visibility through:

  • the participants projects which reached the local (youth) and some secured local media coverage and an opening attended by local officials and/or Council of Europe representatives.
  • the participation of YPA network members in the World Forum on Democracy, the No Hate Speech Movement and other activities of the Council of Europe.
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