The main expected result is the creation of a sustainable network of youth peace ambassadors at the end of the project. The network will build upon the increased level of competence of the participants in working with and in conflict affected communities through training, their initiatives to and projects in local communities and their organisations or institutions.networking in Strasbourg

The network will support the field presence of the Council of Europe and be an active and competent partner in future peace-building activities.

Through the various activities, such as advocacy, consultancy to youth initiatives, lobby, mediation and campaigning, to be implemented by the youth ambassadors, a higher level of awareness on human rights violations, instruments and mechanisms of protection of human rights is expected at community level.

The project will result into a higher level of cooperation and communication between different actors active in peace-building activities in conflict-affected communities in Europe (i.e. non-governmental organizations, local, national and regional institutions), cooperation in which Youth Peace Ambassadors are expected to act as liaison between local communities and relevant institutions.

Finally, the projectnetworking in Budapest should improve the relations and conditions for dialogue among young people taking part in or being affected by conflicts, including armed conflicts and their consequences in various regions and countries across Europe.

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