Launch of HELP roll-outs on Key Principles on Bioethics

Yerevan, Armenia - online 10/08/2022
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Launch of HELP roll-outs on Key Principles on Bioethics

Online HELP roll-outs on Key Principles on Bioethics were launched on 10 August 2022 for three more groups of legal and healthcare professionals of Armenia, including the representatives from the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Justice, National Institute of Health, Health and Labour Inspection body of RA, as well as medical doctors and other healthcare professionals, lawyers, and advocates.

The training session was opened by Lee Hibbard, the Administrator of the Human Rights and Biomedicine Division of the Council of Europe.

Following the general presentation of the Oviedo Convention and its Additional Protocols and the work of the Council of Europe in the field of healthcare and biomedicine, the participants were introduced to the HELP programme and HELP in Armenia, as well as HELP online training platform (hosting over 35 courses available in more than 300 national adaptations with over 90000 users worldwide).

Substantial presentations on international and national standards in the fields of ‘‘Medical Secret and Confidentiality’’ and ‘‘Transplantation of Organs and Tissues’’ were made by Joaquin Cayon De Las Cuevas, Head of the Research Group on Health Law and Bioethics and international consultant of the CoE Project on ‘’Protection of Human Rights in Biomedicine’’ and Samvel Grigoryan, national consultant of the CoE Project on ‘’Protection of Human Rights in Biomedicine’’.

The HELP roll-outs will be tutored by three Armenian HELP certified tutors: Karine Abrahamyan, lawyer-expert at the National Institute of Health, Gohar Ghukasyan, Head of Legal Provisions Unit of the Ministry of Health and Anna Mkrtumyan, Head of Legal Department of the Ministry of Health. Successful participants of these training sessions will receive certificates after completion of the Course.

The HELP roll-outs were organised under the framework of the Council of Europe’s Project on ‘‘Protection of Human Rights in Biomedicine’’ in Armenia.

The managerial personnel of the Department of Social Protection of the Military of the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Armenia were trained on effective management

26/08/2022 Yerevan, Armenia

On 25-26 on August 2022 the Council of Europe under the Project “Human rights and women in the armed forces of Armenia-Phase II” (‘the Project’) organised a workshop for managerial personnel of the Department of Social Protection of the Military of the Armenian Ministry of Defence on effective...

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European Roma Holocaust Memorial Day

2 August 2022 Secretary General, Strasbourg

Today, we commemorate European Roma Holocaust Memorial Day and pay tribute to the thousands of victims. 78 years ago, on 2 August 1944, 3,000 Roma - mainly women and children - were brutally murdered in the dark of the night at Auschwitz-Birkenau. This terrible event is central to the story of...

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Summer school on arbitration

19/07/2022 Yerevan, Armenia

Students from various universities of Armenia had the opportunity to get first-hand insights into the world of arbitration during the 4-day Summer School on Arbitration co-organised by the Council of Europe and Arbitrators’ Association of Armenia. Taught by the leading arbitration practitioners...

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Guides on the new Criminal and Criminal Procedure Codes of Armenia ready for the national legal professionals as the new legislation enters into force

7/07/2022 Yerevan, Armenia

The Council of Europe has been working closely with the Armenian authorities on the criminal justice reform through legislative, methodological, and capacity-building support since 2015. Based on the legal expertise of the Council of Europe, conceptually new Criminal Code and Code of Criminal...

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Rules of conduct to follow by all Armenian public servants adopted and presented in Yerevan

Model Rules of Conduct for all Armenian Public Servants adopted – implementation to follow

4/07/2022 Yerevan, Armenia

The Council of Europe and the Corruption Prevention Commission of the Republic of Armenia jointly organised a “High-level Conference on the Model Code of Conduct for Public Servants in Armenia”. The conference concludes and complements the process of development and adoption of the Model Code of...

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Professional first aid training for the penitentiary medical staff of Armenia

04/07/2022 CoE Yerevan Office, Armenia

10 sessions of 2-day Professional First Aid accredited training for the medical staff of all the penitentiary institutions were completed successfully. 142 participants enhanced the professional capacity and skills to provide a better health care and prevent lethal outcomes in prisons. The...

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Shaping a vision for future decentralised governance in Armenia

28/06/2022 Yerevan, Armenia

“Armenia has an excellent opportunity to embark on the path of decentralisation and building a system of multi-level governance in the post-amalgamation context,” stressed Bernd Vöhringer (Germany, EPP/CCE), President of the Congress Chamber of Local Authorities, at the opening of the conference...

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Young people should stand up against populism, nationalism and extremism that risk silencing their voices, says Secretary General

28/06/2022 Secretary General, Strasbourg

Opening the major event in Strasbourg, Youth Action Week which marks the 50th anniversary of the Council of Europe’s youth sector, Council of Europe Secretary General Marija Pejčinović Burić called on young people to remain engaged in revitalising democracy and in addressing the emerging threats...

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Joint training session on probation took place for judges, candidate judges, and prosecutors in Armenia

25-26/06/2022 Tsaghkadzor, Armenia

A group of 22 Armenian judges and probation officers enhanced their knowledge on probation matters in a training session held on 25-26 June 2022 in Tsaghkadzor. The main topics that have been addressed during the first day of the training were related to the execution of the non-custodial...

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Expert discussion on the right of access to court for persons being declared as legally incapable as a result of mental disorder

18/06/2022 Tsaghkadzor, Armenia

On 17 and 18 June 2022, the President and the judges of the Court of Cassation, Supreme Judicial Council member, Representation of Armenia on International Legal matters, representatives from the Ministry of Justice, the Human Rights Defender’s office, the Ministry of Health, the Guardianship and...

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