This category focuses on young people. It promotes initiatives whose aim is to enhance youth participation in the community life; encourage them to become engaged in the policy-making process and foster a democratic dialogue. These initiatives aim to connect institutions and young people in order to better understand youth needs and to propose suggestions in a democratic cooperation.

The Network of the Council of Europe Schools of Political Studies

Many young people are tempted by politics, but are disheartened by the negative image projected by the current political elite and their apparent inability to tackle the multiple crises of recent times. Although young people in schools and universities acquire some notion - and perhaps experience - of democratic practice, some are seeking opportunities in a non-formal learning environment to enhance their capacity to become an active citizen and democratic leader, strengthened by a set of fundamental values to guide their actions and to do things differently. How effective are non-formal educational approaches in developing democratic attitudes? What are their assets and pitfalls? Are such initiatives making a difference? What can be done in countries where civil society is under pressure and such activities are perceived as a threat by the authorities?