This category is based on initiatives that foster inclusion and acceptance among different members of a society. How can we provide public opinion with the ideal of an open and inclusive society and make the public imagination less vulnerable to extreme and violent ideologies exploiting anxiety, and instigating hatred, sectarianism or nationalism? The best defense of a democratic society against threats is an educated citizenry, a sense of shared humanistic values, and a high level of trust in institutions as well as between individuals themselves. A democratic state should inform citizens about the extent and causes of the threats it faces. It should combat discrimination, segregation and stigmatization which can generate a sentiment of non-belonging and increase the attraction of populism and extremist ideologies.

International Federation of CEMEA, France

The International Federation of CEMEA (FICEMEA) promotes, as part of the French network against the commercialisation of education, free education for all without discrimination based on the right to education. Although significant progress has been made, the FICEMEA notes that today millions of children are still deprived of education. Meanwhile, it denounced the trend towards the privatization of education in many countries which may have consequences in terms of accessibility and quality of education. FICEMEA encourages States to guarantee the right to education in particular by establishing an effective control system to ensure the quality and equity of education services.